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My name is Grace Recla and I am a digital designer and storyteller. I grew up interested in the creative arts from a young age. I recently finished my Bachelor of Design at Swinburne University. I use illustrations, photography and other experimental mediums into my motion design work to create visually unique designs. I combine creativity and lateral thinking to produce and develop concepts that communicate in a personal way.


An empathetic people person, I also believe in collaborative work that the client and audience will strongly believe in. I pull design inspiration from other things I get up to in life.  

I am a quick learner - versatile and adaptable. I have a cross-disciplinary design skill set of illustration and graphics, motion, video, photography, UX Design, branding and 3D design. I’m interested in innovative technologies and new ways of storytelling. 

In my spare time, that is...when I'm not eating, I play and write music and volunteer for the Cancer Council Australia.

me colouring in2.png

creating my first "design masterpiece" circa. 2003


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