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Meet my work

Hydro City

Client: Melbourne Water, Capstone Project
Role: Game Programming, App & Unity Developer and UX Designer
Body of work: Interactive Educational Application, Website, Motion Explainer
Aidan Krott - Team Manager, Content Writer, Web Designer, Brand & Identity
View Aidan's portfolio
Aaron Agustin - UI/UX Designer, Brand & Identity, 2D Graphics, Animation
View Aaron's portfolio
Mark Newnham - 3D Artist, Lighting & Environment Designer
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Lara Tsekouras - Motion Designer, Brand & Identity, UI Designer
External Collaborators:
Music Composition, foley and sampling by Rozekla Audio
This was a capstone project in conjunction with Melbourne Water.
The challenge was to educate people about the urban water cycle processes in an interactive way. We were to highlight that all water is precious and focus on the reusable aspect of it. This was to help increase water literacy throughout  Melbourne Water and the general community. We had 13-weeks to complete this brief from concept to exhibition. 
I worked on the application in the game engine Unity bringing all the assets together to form the scene layout and logic of the application. This included some in-game motion that needed logic to function, material changes, C# scripting, sound supervision and the plot and pipe design. 
View the live project and prototype here
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