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Meet my work

Exquisite City

Client: University Project, Motion Experiment, GradX Exhibition
Role: Motion Designer, Illustrator
Body of work: This standalone piece is also a part of a 2 minute group motion project
Inspired by the exquisite corpse method of drawing, I was to create a 20 second motion graphic art piece on what Melbourne meant to me by viewing and incorporating only the last frame of another group member's work to start my motion graphic. The result was a 2 minute continuous and looping animation of different perspectives on what Melbourne meant to us. Click arrow across to view group animation.  
I based my concept off the idiom, 'a little fish in a big pond' because it captured my feeling of transitioning from a small town to the big city. I wanted to use metaphors and hidden easter eggs that express the essence of Melbourne through the water. This was projected onto a large dome at the 2019 Swinburne Design Graduate Exhibition. 
Exquisite City Motion Frames
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