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Meet my work

The Paper Cup

Client: University Project
Collaborators: Annabel Le and Evelyn Wong
Role: Photographer, Art Direction and Image-craft
Work: Edited and composited image portraying the paper cup
This was an experimental group project in which we got given a topic and had an hour to plan the photoshoot and concept without the access to internet-based inspiration. We were not permitted to use existing images or photoshoots for reference, just our minds, pen and paper. 
The first thing thats comes to mind when we think of paper cups, is coffee and its environmental impact. The environment plea was obvious and we wanted to wander away from that for this project and convey the nature-cup relationship in a more aesthetic and subtle light. We had this idea of plants spilling out of the cup and to create more impact, we decided to make everything in the photoshoot out of paper. It is as if the paper cup has turned into flowers or flowers have grown out of the cup overtime - you decide. 
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