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Meet my work

Sunset Lounge Promotional Poster

Sunset Lounge

Client: University Project
Role: 3D Artist, Camera Animator, Video Editor
Body of work: Promotional Poster, Construction Reel
As a keen traveller, I wanted to put that into my 3D work for a practical application. My concept of the sunset lounge: a modern, yet cosy place to relax before travel was inspired by the environmental surroundings and their impacts on mood. I wanted to design a space that was inviting, especially when incorporating the sunset. I achieved this by texturing in organic textures, warm tones and using the natural lighting of a sunset as inspiration for 'waking up' and lifting the mood of the traveller, as flight times aren't always convenient. I used both semi-matte specular maps and glossy maps to create a cosy, yet luxury feel and transparency ramps for the glassware. 
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