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Meet my work

The Travelling Patisserie

Client: University Project
Role: Art Direction, food styling and Image-craft
Photographer: Evelyn Wong
Body of Work: Brand naming, food truck design and festival handout flyer
For a food truck festival, I created a pastry van design that incorporated minimalism, aiming for the modern home-cook look. The travelling patisserie is a fun modernisation on old-style french bakeries. To highlight the golden quality of the pastries I went with a pastel blue back ground that allowed consistency across the canvas and created a focal point on what the food truck was selling. This also created better economic real estate when it came to typesetting if it needed to be tweaked or additional information needed to be added as per advertiser. The flyer was intended to be handed out during the festival at the entrance, with the basket of pastries or at the front of the food truck. 
Food Truck
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